COVID-19 Policies

We are eager to reopen the library at this time when our tools and services are more vital than ever to delicate communities and ambitious homesteaders, but as a volunteer organization, we must be respectful to our volunteers and patrons. We are reopening on a trial basis, under the following conditions:


  1. The library is not open for browsing due to the ongoing pandemic and the safety of volunteers and other borrowers. To reserve an item, please log into our site, look through our inventory and when you find something you’d like to reserve, click the reserve button. You will only see a reserve button if you are logged in. Anyone can become a member on their own by registering
  2. On the Saturday you’re scheduled to pick up, please come by yourself to limit the number of people in contact, wear a mask and maintain distance from other people in line. Depending on the weather, we may be set up outside with your items, or we may be inside, in which case you’ll follow instructions on the chalkboard and always maintain 6′ of distance between you and the volunteer by listening to their instructions. 
  3. Please completely clean and sanitize all items you borrow, before using them and before returning them. Items will be taken out of circulation for a week so there is no cross contamination.
  4. Items will be due back the next time we’re open, which should be the next Saturday.
  5. Overdue fees from items you’ve had during quarantine will not be fined. We’re just happy to have them back. Thank you for returning them.
  6. Right now, we are NOT accepting cash or product donations. All payments may be made online, at the button below.